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Please telephone first for an appointment if you wish to order or view stained glass via our shop in Sale, Cheshire. - call Tom on: 07976 832 323 or email:

We design and make bespoke original stained glass windows as well as restoring antique ones. The windows on this page are antique. If you wish to see examples of our new windows go to our home page and for interesting gifts that are glass related go to our artisan giftware page.

All of these genuine stained glass windows are weatherproof and ready to glaze either externally or internally. They can also be framed and hung in a window from chains. We can enlarge or re- size any stained glass window to suit the size of your door or frame - email or call for prices.

If you require any new stained glass to be made, including hand painted glass in the style of these antique windows, then click here for a simple explanation our pricing process.

Below: A stunning set of completely original Art Nouveau satined glass windows, all in their original pine frames all made circa 1902. A very rare opportunity to aquire such a lovely set. Can make up two fulkl bay windows plus a hall window or be glazed individually into an opening of your own choice. Price on application to

A.....B (and G)


E and F- 2 sets of this design.......B and G - Two sets of this design

Below. PG37S5. Sold



Below:PG36. Original Victorian hand painted stained glass church fragment enlarged into a small stained glass window ready to be either hung in a window or built up into a larger panel.



Below: Original large round stained glass window in very firm good condition, made circa 1930. Diameter approx 38". £750.00 collection from shop by arrangement only. Recently seen in BBC's The City and the City t.v. drama.


Below: PG 35PR. Zodiac stained glass roundels.

Aquarius and Gemini. Zodiac hand painted stained glass roundels. Approx 13" diameter each. Not sure of the age of these, certainly not new, they have each been designed and hand painted on hand made glass. Very unusual and we have not seen another pair like these windows.


Below: PG33. Large and painted antique stained glass landscape in pine frame. Ready to hang in a window, original Victorian period genuine stained glass window, features etched detailing in each corner and a landscape featuring a Turneresque mountian scene with water. Hand painted kiln fired and around 120 years old. Size including the frame is 48cm x 48.5cm.

Below: ASGS5. A set of original Edwardian stained glass windows. All are in great condition with new outer lead borders added, so ready to fit in your home or frame and hang in a window. Very unusual to be in shades of green glass only, with a clear ground. Set of 5 panels in total:

Sizes are 2@350mm w x 490mm high and 3@390mm w x 497mm high. Price on application.




Below: PG32. Victorian hand painted stained glass window. In very good condition, we have added a new outer lead border for stability and repaired any small pieces. The window contains 29 hand painted and kiln fired stained glass pieces, with a different floral design to the centre. Size 580mm w x 675mm high. Price on application. Since this pic was taken the window has been cleaned looks really good.



Below: PG31. Small original circa 1904 hand painted stained glass peacock tail in an aqua coloured glass with a pale yellow glass border. All glass is original, re-leaded so in perfect condition. Size approx 20cm w x 15cm high. Price £110 incl postage and packing.


Below: PG30 -S2. Gorgeous pair of hand painted glass centres set in Victorian geometric designed leaded lights. The painting is top class and has enamels for the colour accents. All original glass, re-leaded so in excellent condition and ready to either frame or build up into a larger sized leaded window for a door or frame. Size approx 36cm x 36cm. Price on application.





Below: NPG01. Although not an antique this window is a nicely designed and made traditional stained glass window featuring a saxophone, keyboard and cymbals with a rich ruby red streaky border glass and a smoky glass background. Loops in top corners and ready to hang in a window of a bedroom or music room, the details are all hand painted and kiln fired so permanent and the window has been made in the genuine traditional way. This stained glass window was not made by us, and there is some age to this window although it is not antique, it was probably made within the last 30 years. Would make a great gift for a music lover.

Sizes 270mm w x 385mm H. Price £195.00 plus postage and packing.


BELOW: All original stained glass window details from discarded original windows saved and slavaged for decorative home use as lightcatchers to hang in a window or other space. All are completely original glass and lead and are in excellent condition, plus all have had solid copper loops attached by us for ease of hanging.

All are priced at £20.00 each plus post and packing.

size: 170mm x 200mm H

Size : 170mm w x 180mm H

Size: 230mm w x 180mm h

Size: 130mm w x 170mm h

Size:230mm w x 170mm h

Size: 180mm w X 150mm H

Large: Size 245mm w x 300mm H Price £30.00

Large: Size 245mm w x 300mm H Price £30.00

Size: 110mm diameter

Size: 145mm w x 150mm h

Size 145w x 145mm h

Size: 310mm w x 260mm h. Tiny crack in tip of clear background hence £20.


Below: Original antique victorian stained glass windows, all in excellent condition, for sale individally. Ideal for framing and hanging as decorative features. Prices on application.



Below: PG28. An original stained glass window depicting a galleon ship in full sail on a sea of multiple blue hues.

Made circa 1925, in excellent condition -Price on application.

.Artisan Galleon4


Below: PG027. Expertly hand painted Victorian pair of antique stained glass windows depicting two sisters. Some of the finest glass painting we have ever seen. Centres are quite large at around 10" diameter and the overall size of each window is approx 23" wide x 16" high. Price on application for the pair only. Windows are in perfect condition all original glass from circa 1890.




Below: PG 25-S3. Antique early Victorian part roundels - original formed part of a large rose window in a church. Each window contains hand painted detailing and all were made circa 1850-60. Now fully repaired cleaned and polished. Some areas of the original ainted glass has faded due to erosion and possible original underfiring but it has taken on an etched appearance that is quite attractive. All glass and lead is original. Size 13" diameter at widest point. Cost on application.

antique stained glass from ARTISAN


Below: PG24-S3. Hand painted Victorian Gothic stained glass squares. Original hand painted and fired stained glass circa 1860.

Now only 3 left. Price on application.



Below: PG21 - A set of 5 victorian small stained glass windows with hand painted and fired leaves on four of the background pieces and a hand spun rondel in the centre.

Sizes 325mm X 238mm each window. Price for the set of five on application



Below: Pair of matching hand painted stained glass windows. Made circa 1900. Now removed from their old wooden frames and a new outer lead border added, cleaned and ready to go. This rare set are beautifully hand painted and feature spiral rondels in the centre of each window flanked by 4 hand spun cranberry rondels. All glass and lead in excellent condition. The picture does not do these windows justice as the borders are ruby red flashed and the leaves are painted on an off white textured background. The green hue is the shrubbery behind in the pic.

Size of each stained glass window is 555mm Wide X 400mm High. REF:PG005S2

Price on application to:





Below: REF:PG006. Hand painted original Victorian stained glass window. Size approx 12" wide X 14" high. Price £95.00 plus p&p. email:


Below: REF:PG:007M. Antique hand painted stained glass quarries, very similar to those at William Morris' Red House. Suitable for making up into a leaded window or perhaps just the centre detail of a leaded window. Each is painted on a rectangle of almost plain glass with a hint very palest green.

Sizes approx 12cm wide X 16cm each





Red dragon.....RED dragon

RED dragon

Above: REF:RED. Red Dragon acid etched antique glass. Over 120 years old, very detailed on one sheet of ruby red flashed glass. Very rare indeed the detailing in the centre has three Red Dragons framed by a decorative etched border. Measures 326mm wide X 780mm high. Small nibbles on lower edges that would be hidden by a frame other wise good condition. Price on application to: . There has been lots of interest in this piece, but it really would be best collected from our shop by arrangement.



Above: PG001. Hand painted antique stained glass landscape. All original glass, approx 120 years old. Re-leaded so in perfect condition.

Size 12" high X 11" wide at the widest point.

Price on application to: quoting ref PG001



Above: W001A/GV Antique grapevine stained glass window. Hand painted vines and grapes with hand painted quarries. Condition excellent, weather sealed and ready to fit into a door or window frame. Would make a fine present for a wine lover. Size :330mm wide X 795mm high. Price on application to:



Above:REF:ASG001/PR A pair of antique Victorian floral door panels, completely re-leaded with all original glass. Perfect condition. Can be enlarged by adding glass borders to fit a larger door or window. Size each panel: 193mm wide X 640mm high. We can make windows in this design, or any design, to order as new windows. Price on application depedant on size. . We can make reproductions of this design to almost any size required. Prices on application.



Above: REF:PG17 Antique Victorian hand painted scene. Original glass and lead, can be used as a window centre if required, or hung as is. Price on application to: Approx size 9" X 8" high.

victorian painted panelREF:PG18

Above: REF:PG18. Hand painted antique small window. Victorian, circa 1890 intact. No repairs or restoration, original condition. Price on application to: Can be made into a centre of a door panel or window if required, or hung up from a chain. Size approx 12" x 8".


REF:PG19Stained Glass

Above: REF:PG19. Victorian hand painted and fired antique stained glass window with detail featuring acanthus leaves and scroll work. Size 295mm wide X 580mm high. Price on application to:


REF:PG20 Antique painted glass

Above: REF:PG20. An antique Victorian gothic piece of stained glass, hand painted and fired and made circa 1880. In excellent firm condition, re-sealed and a new outer lead border. Price on application to: Size is 440mm wide X 350mm high.

Above: Price as seen for 1 off single door including stained glass - £130 includes original stained glass panel. (small crack in one pane - can be repaired)


Red hand cut Victorian star.

Hand cut blue flashed antique Victorian starburst.

Original Victorian hand cut blue flashed star.

Hand cut Victorian blue flashed starburst.

Above: REF:AEG/M. Very rare to find original antique victorian brilliant cut stars on flashed glass. Not to be confused with modern imitation stars. Can be bought individually to match up with missing or broken glas in your door. All circa 1895. Priced individually at £60.00 plus p&p. Some more available, but no sets. Below is a pic of our current stock due to our many requests. All sizes are on the pics and they are the same stars as above but photographed on a light table hence the opacity. In daylight they look as they do in the pic above. We do not have any other designs than those shown currently in stock.




Original Tiffany Studios, New York:




Above. Green Grape vine pattern Tiffany box. Verdigris bronze with green opalescent glass, all glass and bronze is original and intact with no repairs or restoration. Unmarked. Made by Tiffany Studios New York. Size: 17cm wide x 11cm deep x 6cm high. Price £350.00 plus postage.



Morris & Co Antique windows - can be reporduced...................Morris

Above: A rare pair of antique Arts & Crafts painted windows attributed to William Morris & Co designed by Phillip Webb. Not for sale, but this design can be expertly reproduced including the hand painted kiln fired stained glass to suit any size or colour scheme. If you are considering sending an email asking us to make the above pair in your own sizes, plaese remember that if you have to ask the price, then you possibly can't afford it.


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